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CLIMMAR Newsletter 03-2019
  Our newest Report of Activities is out  
  Download the newest CLIMMAR Report of Activities to learn all about CLIMMAR and its 16 members. 
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  CLIMMAR at the Agroshow in Poland  
  CLIMMAR Secretary-General Jelle Bartlema recently attended the Agroshow in Bednary, Poland, to present the CLIMMAR activities to the members of Polish association PIGMiUR, member of CLIMMAR. 
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  66th Congress in Thun, Switzerland  
  After 14 years, the CLIMMAR Congress returns to Switzerland. Member Agrotec Suisse is organising the 66th Congress taking place in Thun. 
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  CLIMMAR press conference at Agritechnica  
  CLIMMAR will be organising its press conference on 11 November.   
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  Are you interested in the structure of over 19,000 ag and garden machinery dealers in 16 European countries? In how many employees they have? What turnover they have? How they see their future? And how they evaluate their relationships with their suppliers, the manufacturers? In how they manage to find and retain talented trainees? 

Then you should definitely get a copy of the brand new CLIMMAR Report of Activities. In this latest report, our 16 member nations share their statistics on market size, developments and outlook. The branch reports shed a light on the European business review and outlook and the newly developed and unique CLIMMAR index gives an insight in the European economic situation for trade and repair. In this way, it’s unique because there is no other index that monitors and forecasts the European economic situation on the trade and repair of agricultural machinery. 

In our position papers on smart farming, dealer contracts and education and training, we explain why and how we take standpoints on these crucial aspects for the future of merchants and repairers in the agricultural and garden machinery sector. In CLIMMAR we respect the autonomy of our national members and seek to support them in lobby, data sharing and best practices. To ensure a future for almost 160,000 dealer employees who strive to give the best possible service to over 3.4 million European farmers. 

Please have a look on what CLIMMAR is doing and maybe what we can cooperate and work on it together… We are delighted to meet you! 

Erik Hogervorst
President of CLIMMAR
  CLIMMAR congress, Thun, Switzerland
24 - 27 October 2019
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Agritechnica, Hanover, Germany
10 - 16 November 2019
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CLIMMAR Agritechnica press conference
11 November 2019
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