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CLIMMAR Newsletter 03-2020
  Survey: Start of Dealer Satisfaction Index 2020  
  Due to the COVID-19 situation, the start of the annual Dealer Satisfaction Index (DSI) survey, originally planned for 1 April 2020, was postponed.   
  Find out the new start date and see who's participating  
  Education: Project Erasmus+ connects mobile tools  
  As in many European countries, it is also difficult to recruit staff for mobile technology in Sweden. Working together in a European context is the best way to save costs and to share experiences and teaching materials. 
  Why is Sweden so enthusiastic about the project?  
  Lobby: MEPs call on postponement of the Stage V transition deadlines  
  A number of influential MEPs recently submitted a priority question for written answer to the European Commission to stress the urgent need for a political decision on the postponement of the Stage V transition deadlines.   
  Read here why urgent action is required  
  Lobby: New translations available of EU Code of Conduct  
  CLIMMAR is a co-signing partner of the EU Code of Conduct on Agricultural Data Sharing. Originally in English, the Code of Conduct is now also available in French, Italian and Spanish.    
  Find all language versions here  
  Business: CAP transitional rules for 2021  
  Agra Facts reports that the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee has agreed its position on the CAP transitional rules for 2021, rejecting any cuts on the farm policy’s budget.   
  Read more  
  'The 1.5 metres society'

Mid-March, I expressed my concern about the Corona virus that is still spreading across the world resulting in our lives changing. Privately, with lockdowns and travel restrictions, but also business wise. 

Most of us Europeans are either still in lockdown or we are living in a ‘1.5 metres society’. A society where an interpersonal distance of at least 1.5 metres is advised to stop the COVID-19 virus from spreading. In some countries, masks are obligatory in public areas such as supermarkets and public transport. Some believe that the 1.5 metres society is going to be the new normal... 

Luckily, the peak of COVID-19 infections is over now in most of our member countries. The number of ICU patients is steadily going down and so is the number of casualties. Tractor and machinery factories are either restarting or intensifying their production, taking into account the national guidelines for interpersonal distance and personal safety measures. Hopefully we can keep receiving machines for delivery to our customers. China is speeding up its industry again and that will help speeding up ours as well. Because many parts but also ingredients for like fertilisers and crop protection chemicals are produced in China. 

As a branch organisation, our activities are also affected by the COVID-19 situation and regulations. We have had to cancel our Spring Meeting scheduled in April for the first time and we are looking into organising our annual congress due October this year, in a different way. This will be the first time since 1970 that our congress can’t take place as planned! As a President, I planned to step down this year, at our congress, but due to the exceptional circumstances, I will stay in position for another year. 

Of course, in this situation we must not forget to look at the positive points. The EU tractor sales over the year 2019 were up 5%. The recovery of the economy is expected much faster than in 2009. There is no lack in money this time, so as soon as people see the light at the end of the tunnel, the economy will rise up. This is my believe and I hope from the bottom of my heart that you all stay strong and continue to look at the possibilities at the horizon! 

Please read my full note here.  

Erik Hogervorst
President of CLIMMAR
Virtual CLIMMAR Spring Forum
The live CLIMMAR spring forum 2020 couldn’t take place and will now take place via videoconferencing late June. The board also approves the idea of organising an alternative for the planned congress in Budapest.  
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